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Doggy DIY

There is very little I enjoy about my human’s need to do “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Projects. I enjoy that I get to be around them all day since they are not at work. I LOVE that they take me to Home Depot and Lowe’s numerous times during a project; I once had the pleasure of going to Home Depot 4 times in one day! Last, I enjoy when they are done with a project because they just relax with me afterwards!

What I don’t like about DIY Projects is that I am not going on hikes or exploring nature with my people! I have to stay at home, watch them make a mess of the area undergoing a project, and sometimes they won’t let me help! I am a very talented painter and love using my tail as a paint brush. The first time the did a DIY paint job I made sure to cover my whole right side in paint so I could help them complete their project faster! Instead of being happy with my contribution I received a bath and was locked out of the bathroom…

I love fresh paint!

I love fresh paint!

The recent DIY project I was allowed to be a part of was painting their Master Bedroom. To show them my lack of interest in their project I took a nap against their freshly primed wall. My lack of enthusiasm sadly did not halt their project, but instead they add a few more painting projects to this DIY list.

Murphy and I have turned to conducting a “sit in” in our dog house (which is my favorite DIY project they have ever done). Unfortunately this has not worked, we give up too easily on our “sit in” when they tell us we are going to Home Depot.


Throw Back Thursday

Look what we did!

Look what we did!

This is my, Murphy, “Throw Back Thursday” to when I was a little, 40 lbs, 5 month old puppy! I had been settled into my new habitat for almost a week and ┬ádiagnosed my brother, Barney, and my people needed more mayhem in their lives! Having been a farm dog for 4 months of my life and in the shelter for 3 days I had learned a thing or two about how to stir things in a residential home!!

First, I taught Barney how to dissect the nice dog beds our humans had furnished our dog crates with. Clearly, this was one of the best days of both Barney and my lives since chewing up and tossing foam everywhere is a true joy! I would strongly recommend  to anyone who has not tried it!! (My humans were silly enough to purchase another set of dogs beds right after this photo. They wised up after we dissected that set of beds and we went without dogs beds for a long 8 months!)


Next, I pointed out the bad habit my humans needed to change should they wish to reduce the chaos I could bring into their lives! Leaving shoes out in my eyes means you don’t care enough about them, so those shoes might as well be chew toys! Thanks for the delicious Nike Shoe! To my fellow K-9’s, if a Nike is laying out….Just Do It! Chew it up. Your human will be mad, but you’ll dream of sweet dreams chewing up delicious shoes! Plus, your new chew toy is really a lesson to your people that they need to put their stuff away. I am in the house all day while they are at work, you think I want to stare at their mess!


The Oregon Founding Paws

Dogs should be in engagement photos.

The other dynamic duo that make up the founding paws of PawPrints reside in Southern Oregon. Both contributing pups were adopted from Jackson County Animal Shelter, which is an amazing shelter that has one of the highest adoption rates thanks to their wonderful, dedicated volunteers (and prison inmates)!!


This is my adoption photo!

This is my adoption photo!

My humans found me on the county website after they decided to adopt a K-9 companion. They discovered my picture, fell in love with my smile, visited the shelter, fell even MORE in love with me, and now I am a spoiled pup with a blog!!

I like doing anything that allows me to be with my people! My favorite activities with them are snowshoeing, swimming in lakes, exploring rivers, and watching them enjoy me chase my tail!


I have an Irish name, so I chew on Irish things...

I have an Irish name, so I chew on Irish things…

My humans say they adopted me because they wanted Barney to have a friend to play with, I say they adopted me because they needed more CHAOS in their lives!!

I was surrendered to the shelter because of my bad run in with a chicken, that chicken is no longer around so you’ll have to take my word for it that it was the chickens fault I ate it!

The people I call my own discovered me at a pet store where the animal shelter was trying to get people to adopted me (funny side note, they let me hang around the chickens at the pet store and for the record I did not interact with any of them!). Barney and my soon to be Lady Human saw me at the store and LOVED ME (it’s hard not to love me). The next day they visited me at the shelter and my Male Human agreed, I am an amazing dog. So they adopted me!! Thankfully, for me, the male owner has a household rule that nothing can be named after the Royal Family (since the Lady Human really likes the Royal Family); therefore, they changed my name from “Prince Harry” to MURPHY! They adopted be right before St. Patrick’s Day, I had on a shamrock bandanna, and with my red freckles they gave me the name Murphy!



We are two different dogs with two different outtakes on life! We hope you enjoy our blog! In the mean time, GO BRONCOS!