It’s never enough time, is it?

We said goodbye to our first little hedgehog, Miss Penelope last weekend.  It’s been a rough couple months for her, struggling wtih an eye infection of some kind – visiting and vet and different medications. She started to get better,  and as I do each Sunday – was cleaning her tank , got her out for some snuggles and noticed,  she wasn’t herself.

I got a nice little heat pad going ,  as hedgies love the warmth –  snuggled her close to hopefully get her to feel better.  Her breathing slowed, then,  as if she had just slipped off to a nap, she left this world.

I’m thankful to have been with her, and I’m thankful she was in my arms when she left.

I’m so sad she is gone,  but am glad she didn’t suffer and had the best, spoiled little hedgehog life.  We miss you, sweet little girl, rest easy my little love.



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