Doggy DIY

There is very little I enjoy about my human’s need to do “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Projects. I enjoy that I get to be around them all day since they are not at work. I LOVE that they take me to Home Depot and Lowe’s numerous times during a project; I once had the pleasure of going to Home Depot 4 times in one day! Last, I enjoy when they are done with a project because they just relax with me afterwards!

What I don’t like about DIY Projects is that I am not going on hikes or exploring nature with my people! I have to stay at home, watch them make a mess of the area undergoing a project, and sometimes they won’t let me help! I am a very talented painter and love using my tail as a paint brush. The first time the did a DIY paint job I made sure to cover my whole right side in paint so I could help them complete their project faster! Instead of being happy with my contribution I received a bath and was locked out of the bathroom…

I love fresh paint!

I love fresh paint!

The recent DIY project I was allowed to be a part of was painting their Master Bedroom. To show them my lack of interest in their project I took a nap against their freshly primed wall. My lack of enthusiasm sadly did not halt their project, but instead they add a few more painting projects to this DIY list.

Murphy and I have turned to conducting a “sit in” in our dog house (which is my favorite DIY project they have ever done). Unfortunately this has not worked, we give up too easily on our “sit in” when they tell us we are going to Home Depot.


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