Throw Back Thursday

Look what we did!

Look what we did!

This is my, Murphy, “Throw Back Thursday” to when I was a little, 40 lbs, 5 month old puppy! I had been settled into my new habitat for almost a week and  diagnosed my brother, Barney, and my people needed more mayhem in their lives! Having been a farm dog for 4 months of my life and in the shelter for 3 days I had learned a thing or two about how to stir things in a residential home!!

First, I taught Barney how to dissect the nice dog beds our humans had furnished our dog crates with. Clearly, this was one of the best days of both Barney and my lives since chewing up and tossing foam everywhere is a true joy! I would strongly recommend  to anyone who has not tried it!! (My humans were silly enough to purchase another set of dogs beds right after this photo. They wised up after we dissected that set of beds and we went without dogs beds for a long 8 months!)


Next, I pointed out the bad habit my humans needed to change should they wish to reduce the chaos I could bring into their lives! Leaving shoes out in my eyes means you don’t care enough about them, so those shoes might as well be chew toys! Thanks for the delicious Nike Shoe! To my fellow K-9’s, if a Nike is laying out….Just Do It! Chew it up. Your human will be mad, but you’ll dream of sweet dreams chewing up delicious shoes! Plus, your new chew toy is really a lesson to your people that they need to put their stuff away. I am in the house all day while they are at work, you think I want to stare at their mess!



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